How To Get Through Exam Week

Everyone dreads exam week.  The whole week is filled with all-nighters, stress, and information you wish you did not have to know.  Unfortunately, everyone has to take exams, but a few simple tips can help you make it through exam week! 1. Proper Rest Although your brain will try and convince you that studying overrules... Continue Reading →


Is Basketball All About Winning?

Throughout my high school career, I have had various basketball coaches with various coaching styles.  Of course each coach always had the teams best interest at heart, but naturally, some seasons were more successful record-wise than others. My sophomore and junior year I was coached by my favorite coaches yet.  Coach Stephanie Mayo and Coach... Continue Reading →

Charity Or Scam?

As a child my mom always taught me to give back to the community especially around Christmas time.  She told me about how there were a lot of kids in our community that would not have a single present to open on Christmas.  Because of this, we often got involved in local toy donations and... Continue Reading →

The Best In Town

La Ribera is a local and family owned restaurant with a variety of dishes, deals, and delicious foods.  It is not uncommon for myself and my family to eat at La Ribera at least once a week.  Their restaurant is definitely the best in town! In this blog post, I will write a 100% honest... Continue Reading →

Steals and Deals

Black Friday, by far is my favorite part of the Thanksgiving holiday.  Yes, Thanksgiving is delicious and all, but the shopping experience is what I live for!  I'm going to be giving you some awesome tricks and tips for Black Friday shopping that I have learned over the years! 1. What's the priority? Because Black... Continue Reading →

Tips For The “Most Magical Place On Earth”

Vacations can become very stressful very quickly, but if one follows these simple tips, the Disney dream vacation will be a success.  1. Plan Ahead! Any vacation requires planning, but a Disney vacation may require a little extra.  But hey, faith trust and pixie dust will get one through the planning process!  Because there are numerous... Continue Reading →

“You’re Too Smart For That”

Words Said Too Often Potential teachers all around America hear the phrase, "You're too smart for that."  This phrase makes no sense.  As a potential educator of America's children, one would think they would need to be so-called 'smart.'  Does one not want their child to be educated by someone who has educated themselves?  Does one... Continue Reading →

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